Slothify Yourself!

Draw yourself as a sloth with this simple sloth-drawing guide that I made!

As all my friends know, I’m very fond of sloths indeed. I recently met some wonderful sloths in Costa Rica and Panama (shout-outs to little Sammie and Dahabie at Casa Mariposa in El Valle!)… I even held a friendly sloth- Sammie, was licked by Millie, high-threed Buttercup, witnessed an unrequited sloth bromance in Cahuita National Park, and saw Sammie poo while hugging a tree (rare and beautiful occasion). Fascinating creatures! Upon my return I’ve been filling my sketchbooks with all things bradypus so if you dislike the creatures you may wish to unfollow me now!

 sloths by heidi burton

If you draw yourself slothy using my guide, I’d love to see the results so please post pics or link to pics in the comments section.

Casa Mariposa

Above is me having a hug with a rescue sloth Sammie from the lovely Casa Mariposa hotel in Panama.

Below is a photo from the day I visited the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, when I met the famous bradypus (3-toed) Buttercup!


Here is the first time I ever touched a sloth, can you tell from the excitement written all over my face? This is Millie, a choloepus (2-toed) sloth. She was the little bugger that licked my hand!


I could go on all day, so I’ll save some pictures for another post!

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Guatemalan Inspiration >> Curated Collection

Please excuse my blog hiatus – I just returned from an exciting adventure, backpacking through Central America for 8 months! From Mexico to Panama I have been immersed in new experiences, culture, and inspiration. I happened to meet a motorbike rider in Mexico and became his pillion passenger for most of the trip – so it’s been a fantastic opportunity to explore off the beaten path a bit e.g. riding through Maya villages in the mountains as well as visit the touristy places.

Here is a collection of items I have curated, inspired by my time in beautiful Guatemala. I have a great deal of respect for the Guatemalan weavers and their textiles are a prominent sight throughout the country. I hope you like it!

Inspired by Guatemala

Handmade leather & huipil handbag > Guatemala Goods, Handmade dinosaur toy > Trama Textiles, Handmade, woven bowtie > KorbataGT, Traditional baby dress > Humble Hilo, Leather camera strap with Guatemalan embroidery > Tilde Straps, Open-toe sandal enseneda > Humble Hilo.

Here are some pictures from my trip:

semana santa 2 heidi burton


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Archipelago Living >> Curated Collection

When I worked at Etsy, selecting and creating collections of gorgeous products was one of my favourite parts of the job and something I miss, so I decided to start sharing my personal collections of art/design/lifestyle inspiration here on my illustration blog.

I hope you enjoy this collection of kitchen/tableware items that was inspired by a moonlit boat trip from Finland to Sweden through the Åland Islands archipelago. Imagine – wee islands with a tiny red wooden house on each (a matching dog kennel, a sauna, a little rowing boat tied to the jetty), a midnight-blue sky illuminated by a full moon, a weird drunk guy trying to chat me up on the deck… well, you gotta keep it real, nothing is perfect in life.

It was beautiful. It’s a dream to live in one of these cottages, and these kinds of designs bring small reveries of this lifestyle into my reality.

archipelago living collage

Cloud felt coaster set > Pygmy Cloud, Karelian pies > Scandi Home, Arrow spoons > Amelie Mancini, Iittala Teema pitcher > Nord, Marimekko Weather Diary plate, teapot, & bowl > TwentyTwentyOne, Saaga jar > Pentik, Coffee Table II > Ariele Alasko.

You can also click through to see these items on my Pinterest board.

I hope you appreciate the struggle I had not to include Moomins anywhere.



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New Moleskine journal series – Haiku poem theme

Long time no post. Since two major illnesses this year I’ve left London/work and am recovering in a lovely big house in Suffolk (until later in the year when I’ll be enjoying a much needed trip to Mexico). I’ve been sleeping a lot but also the peace of not living in London/working full time/trying to keep up with the fast pace of a big city has given me time to reflect, and gradually the creativity is re-emerging, after years of creative block.

Last week I started a series of altered Moleskine journals illustrating Haiku poems I wrote over the past few years. I found that despite being unable to get out of bed, my mind still needed exercise, so Haiku writing was a good way of condensing a thought or observation into 5/7/5 syllables. To communicate something with restricted syllables gives you the opportunity to delve into your vocabulary for just the right words to convey your message – like a human thesaurus.

Below are my new journals thus far. These are available in my Etsy shop for one month only (until November 5th).

Migranous Drowning


“Stirring from slumber,
when the migranous drowning
slithered out of me.”


Mind Flotsam


“Witness mind flotsam;
as blind, broken sleep-debris
enter night terror.”



Mis-spent Sleep


“With good intentions
and mis-spent sleep nullified;
thousand eyes on me.”


If you like these, you can follow my work on my Facebook page and Flickr page too!


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What’s in my bag?

For some reason I find it interesting to see the contents of other people’s bags. This is what’s in my bag now, compared with this picture from around the same time of year, two years ago. What’s in your bag?

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August 1, 2013 · 21:34

Hammering out creative block – I’m back.

If you’ve noticed my absence for a while, it’s due to not producing any work for a long time. This is due to both working more (day job) and having a creative block that’s prevented me from drawing. By “prevented” I mean I had absolutely NO will, feeling, urge, or passion to draw. With a pencil and paper in hand I felt nothing. Anyway, I’m starting to emerge from this now, so expect a little drawing here and there as I get my mojo back. I’ve hidden most of my previous posts as would like to start a fresh page.

Started with some drawings of hands and feet. I find them really hard to draw (to show a natural line), so am practicing and really trying to look at how these are structured. Also – these are the things I find hardest to draw, but am tired of drawing people with smudgy, scribbly hands to avoid them.


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I Love Stationery!

I was going to wait to post about my involvement until I received my own copy of the new book I Love Stationery by Charlotte Rivers; but yesterday the book was featured on The Guardian website, including my Goblin Market poem inspired Moleskine journal. I’ll post properly about the I Love Stationery book when it’s in my hands – I have seen a copy, and it’s lush.

Here’s a screenshot from The Guardian feature Worth its weight in paper: I love stationery, yesterday:Image

Also featured in the article are illustrators Gemma Correll and Thereza Rowe, whose work I adore.


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Be My Valentine (i.e. make me a cup of tea)

Prints of some illustrations I created a while back. I think these are cute enough for children, but also silly enough for big kids (like me!)  Remember, cups of tea and love-sickness are for life, not just for Valentine’s Day.  These are currently available in my Etsy shop.

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Etsy UK ‘Pimp My Table’ Festive Knees-up

Etsy UK Christmas party is taking place in London on December 14th (tomorrow!)

Everyone is welcome, you don’t need to be an Etsy member.  The idea is you bring some unloved crockery or nab some at a charity shop.  Hang out with fun, like-minded peeps in the Etsy Christmas Grotto where you can doodle on your ceramics using special markers from our pals at Pebeo!

We’re also giving away free (cheeky) wrapping paper & tags that I designed for Etsy (see my Twitter background) so you can gift your amazing works of art as Christmas presents.  Upcycling and re-gifting is the name of the game.  Etsy will also provide winter edition tote bags & other items, free drinks (alcoholic + soft drinks), & munchables.

Check out the photos from our event last week with the lovely peeps from Crafternoon Tea Party!

The event is free to attend but space is limited, you can book in advance here to avoid disappointment.

Hope to see you there!

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Moon drawings, journals, and handwritten Haiku

As the nights grow longer and the atmosphere has that familiar autumnal ambience, I notice the moon more.  This is the best season.  Then again, I say that about every season because each has those beautiful changes in nature that one can observe and admire (with a cup of chai tea mmm.)  Do you feel the nostalgia of autumn?

The moon is unhinged
From its pivot. Thoughts hang slack;
With immense longing.

As some are aware I’ve been suffering with creative block for months now, but hooraaah; this change of season, and personal circumstances appear to have me drawing at any given opportunity.  I’m talking dormant volcano of creativity and ideas erupting here!  (Though please don’t run away from the metaphorical lava, it won’t burn ya.)

Anyway, my point .  The moon!  Henceforth some lunar-inspired little artworks from the past week.  These are special to me;  the ravine through the solid ice of creative block. (Yes, love being over-dramatic, thx.)

Check my Etsy shop listings if you’re interested in adopting one :)

ACEO original moon pencil drawing

ACEO original moon pencil drawing

Each ACEO comes with an original hand-written Haiku poem on paper, folded into an origami paper star.  I enjoy writing these little poems.

The moon surrounded
With blinking little urchins;
Uniformly so.

Paper poetry star illustrating Haiku 'Thoughts Hang Slack' by Heidi Burton

ACEO original moon pencil drawing

ACEO original moon pencil drawing

Original moon pencil drawing with holes - constellation silhouette

I altered some Moleskine cahier journals too.  Here’s one of them.  More to show soon once the photos are taken.

Altered Moleskine cahier cover - Full Moon

Moleskine cahier detail drawing - Full Moon

Moleskine cahier hand-stitched star constellation - Full Moon

Altered Moleskine cahier - Full Moon

Also, on topic, I love this song: ‘The Moon‘ by The Swell Season.  Isn’t it beautiful?


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